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Terms and conditions

Welcome to HIADIGI to find out more about our terms and conditions. Both our terms and conditions are set out below, in order to make you aware of them.

If you say ‘good’ or ‘services,’ you are referring to either of HIADIGI’S goods or services.

These Terms and Conditions can be updated in the future. The changes you make are tracked on a regular basis.

You agree to the current terms and conditions by using our Services and/or Products, now or in the future. This refers to all of our goods and services and all functionality we introduce over time to our services. Often there are cases in which we do not exercise or enforce any of the privileges and conditions of the Terms of Service. The limits of our liability are minimal.

If you breach any of the terms, we will cancel your account, which means that you must trust us a lot. We do our best to win the confidence to know who we are, how we work and accept your input always in order to develop our service and products.

Account Terms

The protection of your account and password is maintained by you. The Company can not and shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from non-performance of this duty of protection. For additional protection, we suggest that users set up two-factor authentication. We may need it in some of our services.
All posted material and operation under your account is the responsibility of you. This includes other material that either has access to your login credentials or has their own logins on your account.

Cancellation and Termination

You are solely responsible for canceling your account and for enabling your subscription or services correctly. We provide a simple cancellation connection within each of our Services. In our cancellation policy you will find instructions for canceling your account. The cancellation is not immediately accepted for an email or telephone request to cancel your account. You can always contact our support team if you need help with canceling your account.

All your contents are automatically unavailable from the Services when canceled. All material from active systems and logs shall be permanently withdrawn within 30 days. All contents will be removed from the backups permanently within 60 days. If permanently removed, we can’t retrieve this information. You may be liable for data loss after cancellation if you wish to delete any data before your account is terminated.

This will automatically impact your cancellation if you cancel the Service before the end of the current paying month and you will not be charged any more. In the last accounting period, we do not immediately prorate unused time.

We are entitled to suspend or terminate your account and deny, for any reason at any time, any current or potential usage of our Services. This suspension means that you can not enter the account or any content on your account, you or other users. Furthermore, with the termination, your account or connection will be removed and all material on your account will be forfeited and given up. Furthermore, we reserve the right at any time to refusal to use the Services for any cause.

Verbal, physical, written or other abuse (including threats of abuse or retribution) of Company employee or officer will result in immediate account termination.

Modifications to the Service and Prices

We will continue to periodically manage all services. Often it is technological impossible or because we think it would be easier or because we decide to close new product sign-ups to a new feature or to upgrade some of our Services. We reserve the right to change or interrupt any part of our Services with or without a warning at any time, whether temporarily or permanently.

We change the price structure of our services often. If we do, current customers appear to be excluded from these updates. However, for current customers we can opt to adjust the rates. If we do, we will contact you by recording an email address, at least 30 days prior to notification. We can also publish an announcement about improvements on our websites or the services themselves concerned.

Copyright and Content Ownership

We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Services. All materials uploaded remain yours.

The Services’ names, images and emotions are the company’s copyright. All rights have been reserved. No part of the HTML , CSS , JavaScript or graphic design elements can be duplicated, copied or reused without the company’s express written permission. For advertising purposes, you may seek authorization to use the company logo or any service logos. Please give us logos requests.
If you breach these Terms of Service, we reserve the right to revoke this permission.

Without the express and written permission of the Company, you agree not to replicate, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or operate any of the Services, or to use the Services or access the Services.

In other words:

You make a bet on us by choosing to use our Services. It’s up to you, not us, if the bet does not succeed. We are most darned to be as secure as possible by managing the organization carefully; investing in technology , infrastructure and ability. Thank you for betting on us if you want to use our Services.

Please contact our support team if you have a concern about any of the terms of service.